The Lymphocyte MAP™

Comprehensive Lymphocyte Immunophenotyping
The Lymphocyte Map™ is an innovative test which establishes a new standard in screening the immune system. It measures the integrity of the immune system at the cellular level to help identify a patient's immune status and immunotype(s), based on 35 determinations.
It utilizes an advanced proprietary flow cytometry method, which combines cutting-edge laser technology with monoclonal antibodies, to precisely measure the properties of living cells such as size, shape, density and granularity which results in a precise count of various lymphocyte subpopulations.

This helps identify patterns of imbalance of T cells, B cells and Natural Killer cells. It then organizes these patterns into specific immunotypes to provide an invaluable picture of the immune system.
  1. Fourteen immunotypes uniquely designed to capture and highlight important immune trends revealed due to the comprehensive number of determinantions tested.

  2. T-helper-1 or T-helper -2 Dominance (Immunotypes 6 and 7) Includes the Cyrex Fluorescence Activated Cell Test (Cyrex FACT™), a breakthrough proprietary process developed by expert Cyrex immunologists, to classify Th1/Th2 balance or imbalance, based on the specific clusters of differentiation (CD markers) on the surface membranes on Th1 or Th2 cells, and not on the measurement of Th1/Th2-associated cytokine levels in the blood, commonly used by other laboratories.

  3. Regulatory T cells or Tregs (Immunotype 8) maintain the balance between Th1 and Th2. A low number of Tregs may result in the breakdown in peripheral, central and oral tolerance, immune suppression, immune deficiencies, some autoimmune disorders, increased infections and cancer.

  4. T-helper-17 dominance. (Immunotype 9) Includes the Cyrex FACT™ process based on direct measurement of cells based on the CD markers on their surface membranes of the cells, not by measuring IL-17 levels in the blood.

  5. Patterns of disturbance in NK, cytotoxic NK and NK T cells. (Immunotypes 12 and 13) these immmunotypes are characterized by imbalanced natural killer (NK) cells, cytotoxic NK cells and NK T cells. They are the body's soldiers whose job is to destroy different pathogens and varieties of cancer cells.

  6. Immunotype with low or high CD57+ and its combination with CD16+ NK cells and CD8+ T cells. (Immunotype 14) CD57+ NK cells are highly differentiated long-lived cells that are more efficient in the killing of pathogen-infected cells and cancers, particularly during aging. Due to their efficiency at the killing of their targets, elevations in the number of CD57+ NK cells are associated with better outcomes for patients with cancers and some autoimmune diseases, while low levels are associated with lower overall survival from cancer.
Clinical Uses


  • Total WBC
  • Total Lymphocyte
  • % Lymphocyte
  • Total T Cell
  • % T Cell
  • Total B Cell
  • % B Cell
  • T Cell/B Cell Ratio
  • Total T-Helper (CD4) Cell
  • % T-Helper (CD4) Cell
  • Total Cytotoxic (CD8) T Cell
  • % Cytotoxic (CD8) T Cell
  • CD4/CD8 Ratio
  • Total T-Helper-1 Cell
  • % T-Helper-1 Cell
  • Total T-Helper-2 Cell
  • % T-Helper-2 Cell
  • Th1/Th2 Ratio
  • Total T-Helper-17 (Th17)
  • % T-Helper-17
  • Total Regulatory T Cell (Treg)
  • % Regulatory T Cell
  • Th17/Treg Ratio
  • Total NK Cell (CD56+)
  • % NK Cell (CD56+)
  • Total Cytotoxic NK cells (CD16+)
  • % Cytotoxic NK cells (CD16+)
  • Total NKT (CD56+ CD16+ T Cell)
  • % NKT (CD56+ CD16+ T Cell)
  • Total CD3- CD57+ Lymphocyte
  • % CD3- CD57+ Lymphocyte
  • Total CD57+ CD8+ T Cell
  • % CD57+ CD8+ T Cell
  • Total CD57+ CD16+ NK Cell
  • % CD57+ CD16+ NK Cell
CPT® CODE: 88154 (1)
CPT® CODE: 88185 (x34)

CBC vs Basic Immunophenotyping vs The Lymphocyte MAP™

This breakthrough panel establishes a new industry standard in screening the immune system.

Complete Blood Cell Count (CBC)

Part of a regular check up

Basic Lymphocyte Immunophenotyping

Performed by some labs for the purpose of detecting certain immune deficiencies including AIDS

The Lymphocyte MAP™

Exclusive immunophenotyping to help identify immune deficiency, immune over-activity, infections, inflammation, autoimmunities, allergies, asthma, hypersensitivities, and cancers
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