Patient Frequently Asked Questions

Cyrex Labs is not licensed by the state of New York, Healthcare Professionals in this state are not able to open an account with Cyrex Labs to order testing for you.

Our online account set-up forms are currently formatted for US, UK/Ireland and Canada addresses. You may leave your email address and contact information through our online contact us form to be notified when we are ready to accept international orders in your market.

All of the continental U.S. (except the state of New York) U.S. Territories, United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada.

Cyrex does offer a provider list. Please call (877) 772-9739 (Option 1) for customer service.

Yes. While Cyrex is unable to provide an exhaustive answer to this question due to the interactive complexities and varieties of medications and patient circumstances, the following has been noted:

  1. Immunosuppressant and corticosteroid drugs can reduce antibody production and cause false negative results.
  2. Limited assessments on the effects of aspirin, acetaminophen, and antipsychotics on Arrays 2-4 have been performed. No noticeable effects were observed.
  3. Unknown cross-reactive epitopes from foods and microorganisms may stimulate the antibody production in the absence of a true antigen.
  4. If a patient is completely gluten-free for more than 4 weeks, there is a potential for a false negative result on Array 3. Array 4 was designed for a patient already on a GF diet.

Patients should consult with their HCP regarding any questions or concerns they may have.

Test cancellations should be submitted by fax to (602) 759-8331. Test cancellation fax forms are available under the "Forms" section of this site. Test cancellations are only accepted prior to specimen accessioning. A request for test cancellation received after accessioning cannot be honored, and the test will be performed at the normal price. Phlebotomy services and shipping costs incurred by the lab will be deducted from the refund amount, unless the refund is due to the inability to provide results on a specimen due to laboratory error. Refunds will be provided based on the method of payment and are only made to the account or person who paid for the test. Please allow up to two weeks to process refunds.

Cyrex encourages patients to contact their insurance provider before having testing performed. The insurance provider will need the testing CPT® codes, which are listed on this website, in the Antigen tab of the Arrays section. *Note: if you also provide a diagnosis code from your healthcare professional, the insurance company can give you a more accurate reimbursement estimate.

No. Cyrex Labs is not a direct to consumer lab. All testing provided by Cyrex Labs requires a licensed healthcare professional's order.
All testing provided by Cyrex Labs requires a licensed healthcare professional's order. The professional must be licensed to order high-complexity laboratory testing and have an account with Cyrex. Qualified healthcare professionals include MDs and DOs in all states; NDs, DCs, and DOMs in most states; and LAcs, PAs, RDs, and NPs in some states.
The ordering healthcare professional will provide you both the Cyrex Collection Kit and Test Requisition Form directly.
You may forward this Cyrex introductory brochure to your healthcare professional. Your healthcare professional can also visit this website or contact Cyrex Customer Support to set up an account.
Cyrex offers Clinical Consultations to ordering healthcare professionals to review which test may be best suited for your current health situation.
At this time, all testing performed by Cyrex Labs require 2mL of serum (blood).
In order for Cyrex to provide the best results, on your serum (blood) specimen, shipments should be sent Monday through Thursday.
No. One (1) Cyrex Collection Kit is enough to complete all tests Cyrex currently offers.
Serum (Blood) testing has no fasting requirements or collection restrictions. However, eating a high fat meal prior to your blood draw can cause your serum specimen to be lipemic. Lipemic specimens are rejected by Cyrex Labs.
Cyrex Labs does not offer on-site blood draw services. Blood draw appointments and locations can be found and scheduled by clicking here (US only).
No. Patients may choose to use any location or service to perform the blood collection. In this case, the patient will be fully responsible for any draw fee and or processing fee associated with the collection.
Go to, click "Schedule Blood Draw or Payment & Scheduling" then enter your Requisition ID Number and Confirmation Code, which are printed beneath the barcode on your Test Requisition Form (US only). Click here to see an example.
If you generate a Blood Draw Authorization form, as required, before utilizing a Cyrex contracted draw center, there is no additional fee (US only).

If the patient is a pediatric draw (15 yrs. & younger) or you elect to use a non-contracted Cyrex draw center, you are fully responsible for any draw fee and or processing fee associated with the collection.

When scheduling into a Cyrex contracted draw center, patients are required to select a date, and then choose a center by selecting the red button "Schedule" next to the location. This will generate a Blood Draw Authorization which serves as proof services have been prepaid. Walking into the draw center without this form, can prevent you from being serviced (US only).
  1. Cyrex Collection Kit.
  2. Test Requisition Form.
  3. Blood Draw Authorization (if using a Cyrex contracted draw center in the US only).
  4. Government issued photo ID (driver's license, passport.)
  5. Non-contracted services will need all of the above, except the Blood Draw Authorization.
Contact your ordering healthcare professional if you do not have any of these materials. Cyrex contracted draw centers, do not keep Cyrex Collection Kits in stock and do not have access to your Cyrex Test Requisition Form. You must bring all materials to the draw center before services can be completed. Contact Cyrex if you need to reschedule your draw appointment (US only).
Cyrex contracted draw centers (US only) do not perform blood collections on pediatric patients. All patients must have passed their 16th birthday in order to utilize Cyrex's contracted draw centers. Suggested pediatric draw locations include: hospital, medical clinics, and small local laboratories that perform out-patient services.
The turnaround time for all Cyrex testing is 14 business days, from the date the specimen is received.
Results are directly uploaded to the ordering healthcare professionals online account once released. Ask the ordering healthcare professional for a copy.
Your test results are sent directly to your ordering healthcare professional. The Freedom of Information Act allows patients the right of access to their private medical documents. If you would like a copy of your test results, you must fill out the Authorization for Disclosure of Protected Health Information. Fax the form, accompanied by a copy of your government-issued photo identification (driver's license, passport), to Cyrex Customer Support at (602) 759-8331 or call our toll free number found under contact us.
Complete the Authorization for Disclosure of Protected Health Information. Fax the form, accompanied by a copy of your government-issued photo identification (driver's license, passport), to Cyrex Customer Support at (602) 759-8331 or call our toll free number found under contact us.
The regulations governing clinical laboratories prevent laboratory personnel from providing technical assistance to patients. Please contact your ordering healthcare professional regarding any questions or concerns you may have about the results.
No. Cyrex accepts Visa, Mastercard and AMEX.
Cyrex does not offer financing services. All tests must be paid in full before services can be performed. Cyrex accepts the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover.
At this time, Cyrex Laboratories is not contracted with any insurance provider, including Medicare. Upon payment, you can instantly print your invoices/statements, which you can send to your insurance provider for possible reimbursement.
At this time Cyrex does not have patient-specific events scheduled.
Cyrex Laboratories LLC, is CLIA licensed/certified in the state of Arizona, and is also licensed by the state of California to perform laboratory testing. Cyrex participates in CLIA approved proficiency testing methodologies assuring that the highest quality procedures and regulatory compliance are maintained within the laboratory. Cyrex follows the federal guidelines for the development of its laboratory assays in order to provide reliable and accurate results.

*Congress passed the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) in 1988, establishing quality standards for all laboratory testing to ensure the accuracy, reliability, and timeliness of patient test results regardless of where the test is performed.

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