Array 3X

Wheat/Gluten Proteome Reactivity And Autoimmunity™
A comprehensive wheat/gluten reactivity test, which assists in the identification of wheat reactivity, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, Celiac disease, food opioid reactivity, intestinal barrier damage, and wheat-related autoimmunity.

Clinical Use

Recommended for Patients Who

Antigens Tested (IgG and IgA tested separately for each antigen)

  • Wheat
  • Wheat Germ Agglutinin
  • Non-Gluten Proteins - A
  • Non-Gluten Proteins - B
  • Gliadin Toxic Peptides
  • Native + Deamidated Alpha-Gliadin-33-mer
  • Alpha-Gliadin-17-mer
  • Gamma-Gliadin-15-mer
  • Omega-Gliadin-17-mer
  • Glutenin-21-mer
  • Gluteomorphin + Prodynorphin
  • Gliadin-Transglutaminase Complex
  • Microbial Transglutaminase
  • Transglutaminase-2
  • Transglutaminase-3
  • Transglutaminase-6

CPT® Code: 86001 (x11)
CPT® Code: 83516 (x11)
CPT® Code: 86256 (x10)

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